It's easier to be profitable when you have a full overview

Test and optimize your sales funnel like a pro with the Conversion Cockpit. Use it now for free.


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The Conversion Cockpit is your command center for more conversions:

A World First:
That's what you get with the Conversion Cockpit

Funnel split tests

With "split tests" you can test two or more pages against each other and see which one is working better for your customers. With this knowledge, you can make your websites and your business much more profitable.

Detailed statistics

You see your purchase rates (conversions) and earnings in real time, so you always have an overview of how well your sales processes (funnels) are performing.

Upsells made easy

Upsells are complementary additional products that you offer to your customers right upon the purchase. In the new upsell editor, you can easily create your upsells and significantly increase your profit per buyer.

The Conversion Cockpit is a real gamechanger for your performance marketing!


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Your advantages with the Conversion Cockpit

Build upsells and optimize your entire sales funnel like a pro

  • Use split tests to test your pages and offers
  • Optimize your conversion at all points of sale
  • Easily create upsells and increase your profit per customer
  • Recognize trends, optimize weak points and keep track at all times
  • Get the maximum performance out of your sales funnel

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This is how easily you gain more profit
with the Conversion Cockpit

Create upsells with the intuitive upsell editor

Setting up upsells and increasing revenue per customer has never been easier. That's the ignition your business needs.

Split-test order forms, upsells and sales pages

Give your funnel the tuning that will boost your sales. Conversion optimization doesn't go any easier.

Maintain an overview at all times with sophisticated statistics

No more guessing. With the Conversion Cockpit you always know where your funnel performs and where it doesn't.

You definitely know the two most important bolts in your funnel:

1. You invest in your website visitors through paid advertising.
2. You maximize your revenue with a high converting sales funnel.

Therefore you have to constantly test and optimize both bolts:

Using upsells and optimizing your sales funnel is becoming more and more important to be successful.

...and that’s why you need the Conversion Cockpit:

In the Conversion Cockpit you can easily set up, test and optimize not only your upsells but your entire sales process.

Log in now, use the Conversion Cockpit for free and maximize your profits at full throttle!


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You can reach the new Conversion Cockpit now with a click on "account", "products" and then either the lightning bolt icon or the pen icon.

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